Kitchen Cabinet

Natural wood grain matches with technical wood grain
Create a warm, elegant kitchen space.

What you see is what you can get, a perfect choice for
small kitchens.

Luxurious glass cabinets and open metal shelves add a
sense of sophistication.
High and low worktops, kitchen storage system.
Make the kitchen more powerful, specially designed for
the foodies.

Classic French kitchen functional areas: Wine area
baking area and refinement area.
Combining Da Vinci’s 5-layer blending process.
Door panel covered with food-grade PET film,
rejuvenate a new world of hospitality for family and friends.

Oriental flavor deep in memory.
Minimalist new national trend aesthetic design.
Glass cabinet with mood lighting.
Strong storage, bring more advanced living luxury.

Pine needle green equipped with integrated
handless door.
A wine cabinet and high corner bar.
Private bar bring excellent experience.

Painted noble and delicate gentleman style,
with 45° bevel handless door.
Glass cabinet perfectly storage and display,
make cooking an elegant art of living.

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