The whole space is dominated by the classic white tone, with romantic pink, transparent glass and gray furniture to create a more recognizable space, with a combination of virtual and real space layout, lines simple and orderly, the texture of different materials collide and fuse with each other, which creates a bold and avant-garde personalized artist living space.

The elegant meaning of simple beauty of the East, and modern light luxury convergence and integration, soft arc, linear design break through the simple depiction of life, in the daily richness of the hidden delicate The soft curves and linear design break through the simple depiction of life, and conceal delicate emotion and simple art in the richness of daily life.

Minimalist and natural gray space, embellished with natural wood and artistic stone pattern, with a large area of gray to give the space a sense of order. Fabric, wood grain, glass, metal and other materials with each other, light-colored diagonal fabric texture to lay the tone of the cabinet, with natural wood grain to enrich the Scandinavian flavor, pull handle and aluminum frame door to enrich the visual level.

Shades of ceiling and flooring, contrasting color contrast, and cabinetry reflect each other, meticulous metal lines, fashionable geometric shape, to create layers of rich and simple and comfortable.

The pursuit of natural and elegant aesthetic space, soft lines and warm white tones with pure color spray powder material, brings extremely comfortable visual and tactile experience, creating a natural and elegant modern space.

Frosted metallic lines, large area of fine leather pattern. The decorative line panels on the pure white walls add a rich artistic aesthetic to the home space through the stacked and collaged lines of materials.

The design inspiration comes from the Greek mythology Muse goddess. Muse symbolizes art and love. A creative combination of leather finish, geometric handles, and glossy door panel details, the Muses Series is perfect for cool-toned color lovers.

The dark pearl finish, with its own slightly reflective texture, combined with the warm touch The wood grain texture and the unique leather luster highlight the noble taste.

A large piece of light gray makes the space bright, with matte black highlighting the mildness of khaki, dark wood grain texture adds texture, more low-saturation furniture finishes, together depicting the restrained and calm tone of the space.

The Waltz series features a gentle design to express the elegance of the Waltz dance. The color palette uses warm neutral colors. The geometric shapes and simples lines bring a stylish, chic look.

The Batilo series features a dark rustic color tone and textures door finishes inspired by the industrial factory look. An integrated lighting system is seamlessly incorporated into the shelves for a subtle glow display. It uses full-height door panels paired with full-height handles for a bold geometry form.

Be inspired by Tahiti, a tropical region in South Pacific, the Tahia series brings a warm and welcoming vibe to the space. This uniqueness is enhanced by the strong color contrast of the accessories.

Created for the young generation, the Star Space series is modern, edgy and innovative. The futuristic vibe is enhanced by the glossy dark grey door panels.

Be inspired by the eastern culture, the Shang series features a leather door panel with a beautiful gold outline and delicate gold handle for a luxurious effect.  The aluminum frame glass doors are incorporated with handles for a linear, modern look.

The design idea is to learn from Picasso’s painting to express the concept of three-dimensional, analytical, reorganization.

Making concrete to the abstract art, shaping the plane to the three-dimensional space.

For Alice series is an all-white series. This charming series is elegant, feminine, and classic. The delicate molding and decoration details on the cabinet produce an exquisite atmosphere.

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