The Grass Green Series is full of fun and imagination, perfect for invoking children’s creativity. The rounded corners design not only adds a playful element but also prevents injuries from sharp corners. 

A creative combination of leather finish, geometric handles, and wood grain details, the Sakina Series is perfect for cool-toned color lovers. The door panels are integrated with handles embedded as part of the design for a chic, sophisticated look.

The Swan Lake Series is inspired by Tchaikovsky’s first ballet musical, a story of folklore and elegance. The black velvet fleece juxtaposes with the white lacquer texture, softening the boundaries of the cabinet. With an asymmetrical door panel design, the simple yet clear lines are orderly divided like a dancer’s soft turn. Using a neutral color palette and round corners, this ballet-inspired series is perfect for the inspired young female customers.

Be inspired by the notion of “utopia”, a place of ideal perfection. The Utopia Series features a high-gloss door panel finish and a marble-textured backboard for a luxurious effect. An integrated lighting system is seamlessly incorporated into the shelves for a subtle glow display. It uses full-height door panels paired with full-height handles for a bold geometry form.

Future is breakthrough and integration. Letter “X” representing the unknown in algebra symbolizes the willingness of entering an undiscovered field. The door panels use innovative round corner lacquer technology and integrated with the leather feature wall seamlessly, which gives a modern and luxurious feeling.

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