Living Dining

The Mont Blanc Series is inspired by the natural colors and features seen at the highest mountain in the Alps – Mont Blanc. Filled with glacier-covered rock strata and the warm sun falling over the snow-covered peaks, this series will bring the atmosphere of sublime nature into your home. Featuring a duo-color theme of oak wood and white, the panels also use a soft rippling texture to capture the sense of the majestic Mont Blanc. 

The Cote Dor Series uses an orderly system of horizontal and vertical stitching lines to mold a modern and contemporary shape to the closets. This linear beauty uses a sophisticated white leather finish on the tactile door panels. The full-height door frame creates a dignified, orderly, and clean look. 

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the minimalist Greno Series features a modern design to bring back the simplicity of everyday life. The color palette uses warm neutrals, wood, and light gray colors. The matte surface with the simple line features plays with darkness and light. The French-style full-height aluminum frame door is incorporated with hidden handles for a linear, chic look. 

Future is breakthrough and integration. Letter “X” representing the unknown in algebra symbolizes the willingness of entering an undiscovered field. The door panels use innovative round corner lacquer technology and integrated with the leather feature wall seamlessly, which gives a modern and luxurious feeling.

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