A creative combination of leather finish, geometric handles, and wood grain details, the Sakina Series is perfect for cool-toned color lovers. The door panels are integrated with handles embedded as part of the design for a chic, sophisticated look.

Drawing inspiration from the landmarks, buildings, and humanistic characteristics of the city of Seattle, this series embraces the concepts of dignity, gentleness, and elegance. The delicate round corner details on the elaborate door handles produce an exquisite atmosphere. The Italian-style aluminum partitions fill the space with an artistic taste. 

Revive the traditional style of Vintage Duke. This classical legend tells stories full of history. The elaborate molding details and rich wood color evokes a sense of stability, strength, and experience. 

The Teece Series uses simple accessories and decorative elements while incorporating mixed material and textures to highlight the minimal design. The full-height door panels feature a natural finish. 

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