The Waltz series features a gentle design to express the elegance of the Waltz dance. The color palette uses warm neutral colors. The geometric shapes and simples lines bring a stylish, chic look.

For Alice series is an all-white series. This charming series is elegant, feminine, and classic. The delicate molding and decoration details on the cabinet produce an exquisite atmosphere.

Angola Series features a simple but stylish design. This charming series is comfortable, elegant, and luxurious.

The Grass Green Series is full of fun and imagination, perfect for invoking children’s creativity. The rounded corners design not only adds a playful element but also prevents injuries from sharp corners. 

The Mont Blanc Series is inspired by the natural colors and features seen at the highest mountain in the Alps – Mont Blanc. Filled with glacier-covered rock strata and the warm sun falling over the snow-covered peaks, this series will bring the atmosphere of sublime nature into your home. Featuring a duo-color theme of oak wood and white, the panels also use a soft rippling texture to capture the sense of the majestic Mont Blanc. 

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