Our Process

How It Works

We want the perfect closet for you, but that comes with some planning first. Avenue Studios offers a free consultation to make sure we understand exactly what you want. Here, we plan out the design of your closet together and get the measurements of the space we need to work with.
After we have all the information we need on your custom creation, our designers plan out the way your closet will look and function. Then, we send you the design and work out anything that needs changing until we get the right fit for you. When that is complete, we will work together to add the accessories, lighting, and finishes that you want.
When all the design is complete, we can begin crafting your custom closet with high-quality, sustainable materials, ensuring that your closet meets all your expectations.
Our installation process is made to cater to your availability. We schedule a time that works for you so our installation team can assemble your custom closet whenever it’s convenient. Our professional installers will make sure to protect your home beforehand, guaranteeing the installation process will be clean, smooth, and simple.
Meet with a design consultant in our showroom and bring your vision to life