1. Tactile surface. Why not try some leather on the door panels?  

2. Unique handles and hardware

3. Color contrast. Have fun with the colors!

4. Asymmetry design

Gold Shadow Collection

Utopia Collection

Gold Shadow Collection

Country Oak Collection create a comfy and creamy vibe!

X Series Collection

Waltz Collection

Use light colors.

Glossy and reflective door material will double the space!

Don’t block the views with a solid room partition.

Keep color consistent

Don’t limit your imagination! Check out some design ideas for small spaces!

What does a functioned but beautiful entryway look like? Get some inspiration!

Are you looking for color ideas? Check these out!

Bright and calm

Dark and dramatic


Having a perfect wardrobe is a dream for everyone. Let’s take a look at some well-designed walk-in closets!

Full-height door panels
Dressing mirror
A lot of storage space
LED Lighting

Meet with a design consultant in our showroom and bring your vision to life